Floral Naps is the project of Warren Armando Pope, an artist and illustrator whose work hybridizes physical and digital drawing and painting, primarily focusing on simple and accessible subjects: landscapes, bodies, and faces. Through fragmentation, obscuring reality, and blending of worlds Pope creates alternate landscapes of virtual dreams and ideals. Within these portals, Pope's vignettes explore being neither here nor there: themes of otherness, ambiguity, and fluidity of identity informed by multiracial identity development and opaque sexuality. Bodies rendered are often rendered buoyant, limbs liquid, in various states of transfiguration or assembly. Referencing animism and pareidolia, the faces, masks, and non-faces of these figures are both points of accessibility and unsettling puzzles; where emotion and connection are expected they are not always provided, where dismissed they often surprise and delight, and yet other times remain unseen.